Dear Viewer

My work for this exhibition is divided into 4 segments.

The first, ‘Sky, are you listening?’ has an explanation exhibited next to it, but it basically asks the question to what extent we have an influence on nature not just by our actions, but by what we say, feel and are.  I have used musical score to form vague portraits in the sky, to thereby ask the question, ‘are you listening?’.

The other 3 segments focus on shadows.  The first, ‘If I can be close enough we can be one’ touches on intimacy, and plays with the fact that in the shadow world, two things that are close enough actually do become one.

I have focused on shadows throughout not in the natural sense, but rather the natural being a shadow of things to come, or things that already are, but in a different realm.  Just as the burnt incense shows of something that was, but now is in a different substance.

The third, ‘Shadow’ and fourth segment, ‘Study in shadows’ plays with the subject matter a bit more, and expands on possibilities.

I hope that you enjoy viewing this exhibition, and most of all that you will take something from it.