Let it rain

I have used rainfall records for the past 100 years, supplied by Peet van Heerden, of Doornberg Farm, just outside of Nieu-Bethesda.

Each column representing a month, and each row representing a year, I have started (top right corner – second last column) on the 1st of November 1919 and represented each month until 31 October 2020.

If the average rainfall for a specific month (calculated over this period) was, say 26mm, I rounded down to the nearest 10, ie. 20mm.  Anything above this number, I painted with a blue/green shade of colour, to signify above-average rainfall for that month.  Similarly, anything below this number was painted in a brown/earthy shade, to signify below-average rainfall for that month.

Any month with a 0 mm rainfall, was underlined in red.

The maximum over this 100 year period for any particular month, was painted white and the amount of rain for this month, given in the grey area below each column.


Should the buyer want this (and be in close enough proximity), I can use the grey strip below to ‘update’ the painting as time goes on for the next two years.

Let it rain!

Let it rain.

Oil on Canvas

76 cm x 101 cm